The fastest way for new customers to get to your website is paid PPC advertising. Traffic rates from paid formats often determine success or failure, so you should definitely pay close attention to it. You get not only better visibility, but real “instant" conversions in the form of paying customers.

We will develop a long-term strategy combining PPC advertising and other channels to maximize traffic to your website with the best possible turnover and the lowest budget. We will design, produce and deploy specific ad formats, monitor their performance, and will continuously work to ensure that your investment in PPC advertising not only pays off as much as possible but also makes a profit.

When designing your campaigns, we always think about your overall strategy and make sure that your PPC activities not only bring short-term results but also make sense in the long term.

However, don't expect our collaboration to stay with Google Ads (AdWords) only. Today, people often do not decide on the first visit but return to the site several times before placing an order. If you do not cover all channels, it can easily happen that the client will come, but will not return, because he does not remember the site and you are not present on any other channels. Therefore, as part of the strategy, we will also propose additional channels to ensure that we do not lose potential customers.


Web consultation

For your site to meet the expectations of its visitors, it should always match the content of the ad. We will therefore propose modifications to its content so that we can effectively use traffic and sell.

Website editing

Ads are most effective when they target a specially designed subpage. We will create such a microsite for you to ensure that you make the most of your advertising.

Ads account

If you don't have a Google Ads account yet, we will be happy to set it up for you. If you already have it, we will set it up and prepare it for operation. We will review the correct conversion tracking and link it to Google analytics and the Google tag manager.

Measurement settings

To really measure everything needed to increase the performance and effectiveness of campaigns.


We analyze the range or service you sell, market potential, competition, and keyword search.

Campaign structure

Based on the analysis, we will create the structure of campaigns, we will design specific ad formats so that we meet the turnover goals you set as quickly as possible.


We will continuously evaluate, optimize and expand the campaigns so that we can effectively use traffic and sell.


At the end of the month, we will prepare a detailed report on the performance of the advertisement and at the same time a plan for the next month, which we will go through together.


Focused on numbers

The whole business is about numbers. We can talk about a good website, customer service, etc., but if the economy doesn't work, it doesn't make sense. First of all, we will deal with costs, margins, storage, the number of orders you can process, and then the business plan, simply the numbers, and then the specific steps.

We develop the entire business

Margins, warehousing, competition, fixed costs, previous activities, customer service, suppliers, goals, product portfolio, average order value, UX, and many other things that affect our cooperation. We'll look through everything, evaluate, edit, and run campaigns.

Only long-term cooperation

Our goal is to build a successful business for our clients. It just doesn't work in three or twelve months. We go through several phases that follow each other, but it is not possible to do them at the same time. We will start the cash flow and invest in the modification of the website, storage software, credits and we will achieve the set goals.

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