Those who are not on social networks today do not seem to exist. This applies to people, but also companies. For them, social networks are a very grateful and affordable way to reach new as well as existing customers.

Unlike other marketing channels, social media campaigns can be very precisely targeted and measured. At the same time, its price is lower, which opens the door to testing and experimenting with new formats.

It doesn't matter if you are a small or a large e-shop. What matters to us is what and when you want to achieve.

Leave your social media marketing to us – we will work out a detailed strategy for you, design formats that match your goals and products and work out all the proposed creatives. We’ll target your campaigns directly to your target audience and continuously monitor their performance to maximize our effectiveness at the lowest possible cost.

As with Google Ads (AdWords), social media campaigns are part of a wider mix of channels that drive traffic and ultimately customers.



Before launching your campaigns, we will talk to you about who your customers are, what their needs are, or what a problem your product might solve.

Formats and style

Based on the input analysis, we will design the most suitable advertising formats, the tone of communication, and adapt the visuals of your brand.


For maximum effectiveness of campaigns, we need top-notch analytics. We will set up your Facebook pixel so that it measures correctly and at the same time brings us the maximum data needed to optimize our campaigns.


We will set up and run performance campaigns.


Once you've run your campaigns, we'll start optimizing:

  • We will prepare remarketing and lookalike audiences from a well-set pixel.
  • We will test different types of creatives and textures.
  • We will constantly look for new development opportunities


Focused on numbers

The whole business is about numbers. We can talk about a good website, customer service, etc., but if the economy doesn't work, it doesn't make sense. First of all, we will deal with costs, margins, storage, the number of orders you can process, and then the business plan, simply the numbers, and then the specific steps.

We develop the entire business

Margins, warehousing, competition, fixed costs, previous activities, customer service, suppliers, goals, product portfolio, average order value, UX, and many other things that affect our cooperation. We'll look through everything, evaluate, edit, and run campaigns.

Only long-term cooperation

Our goal is to build a successful business for our clients. It just doesn't work in three or twelve months. We go through several phases that follow each other, but it is not possible to do them at the same time. We will start the cash flow and invest in the modification of the website, storage software, credits and we will achieve the set goals.

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