Email marketing is one of the tools that works very effectively in communicating with existing customers. It is a form of direct marketing, which if you have enough data you can personalize and maximize efficiency. Most often, the goal is to inform about news, build trust and loyalty, and ultimately improve sales. One of the most important tasks is that existing customers do not come to your sites through paid channels, but through newsletters, whose cost is calculated in percentage units – usually 1-3% of the conversion.

We will develop a complete strategy for you, divide customers into different segments, work on the design, send mails and then optimize them to be as efficient as possible.

Think of email marketing as a performance channel that brings conversions and at the same time a tool that builds your brand.


After analyzing your products and goals, we will design, whether tailor-made or a pre-prepared email template.

We will write texts, select suitable images, put them in a template and test the functionality on various email devices.


After thorough review and approval, we will send and evaluate your bulk email. Here, lovers of numbers and graphs will get their money's worth. Only here will our results orientation be fully revealed. We will report everything to you and explain it in human language.


We have the first email behind us and now we have a lot of work to do to make your email communication even better. We will use testing, automation, machine learning, and a lot of creativity to make customers look forward to your emails.


Focused on numbers

The whole business is about numbers. We can talk about a good website, customer service, etc., but if the economy doesn't work, it doesn't make sense. First of all, we will deal with costs, margins, storage, the number of orders you can process, and then the business plan, simply the numbers, and then the specific steps.

We develop the entire business

Margins, warehousing, competition, fixed costs, previous activities, customer service, suppliers, goals, product portfolio, average order value, UX, and many other things that affect our cooperation. We'll look through everything, evaluate, edit, and run campaigns.

Only long-term cooperation

Our goal is to build a successful business for our clients. It just doesn't work in three or twelve months. We go through several phases that follow each other, but it is not possible to do them at the same time. We will start the cash flow and invest in the modification of the website, storage software, credits and we will achieve the set goals.

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