All websites, e-shops and applications should primarily serve their visitors. At the same time, they can look as attractive as they are, but unless customers can find their way around them or complete a purchase or other task, they are essentially useless. User experience (UX) should therefore always come first.

We will make sure that the design of your solution really meets the needs of your target group. We will suggest improvements that you will not only like, but will also be functional and usable. We thus guarantee the maximum possible efficiency and return on investment.

Usability-oriented design is not just a fad – it is an essential part of the development of any design. It therefore applies to every website, e-shop or application. So don't underestimate your customers and give them what they really know how to use.

What is it and what is the procedure?

Conversion Rate Optimization is a strategy where we directly focus on increasing the conversion rate and achieving a larger number of orders/purchases/conversions.

At CRO, we use and analyze visitor's behavior at the beginning, using the Hotjar tool. Next, steps are suggested to improve the conversion rate. For example, A / B testing of UX recommendations, etc.



We will subject your e-shop to a thorough analysis and propose improvements for easier navigation and faster & more convenient shopping.


Our designers will take a look at your website and suggest improvements by adjusting the layout of elements or changing colors or textures.

Ordering processes

We'll look at your order processes, reduce the time it takes to complete them, and reduce the number of steps required.


The CRM system you use in your company is just as important as your sales website. We will look at how you use it and suggest improvements to simplify processes and minimize the time the system requires of you.


Our experts will also advise you on the usability of CMS (content management solutions). This will simplify the work of you and everyone who manages the content of the website or e-shop.

Conversion emails

Creating a good conversion email is not easy. We will help you with yours and improve them so that they really sell.

Landing pages

We measure and optimize microsites well, whose main task is to sell to the people you bring to them with campaigns.

Printed materials

Printing requires a relatively large investment – we will be happy to consult it with you to ensure that your investment is reasonable and efficient.


Focused on numbers

The whole business is about numbers. We can talk about a good website, customer service, etc., but if the economy doesn't work, it doesn't make sense. First of all, we will deal with costs, margins, storage, the number of orders you can process, and then the business plan, simply the numbers, and then the specific steps.

We develop the entire business

Margins, warehousing, competition, fixed costs, previous activities, customer service, suppliers, goals, product portfolio, average order value, UX, and many other things that affect our cooperation. We'll look through everything, evaluate, edit, and run campaigns.

Only long-term cooperation

Our goal is to build a successful business for our clients. It just doesn't work in three or twelve months. We go through several phases that follow each other, but it is not possible to do them at the same time. We will start the cash flow and invest in the modification of the website, storage software, credits and we will achieve the set goals.

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