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SEO is not dead yet, it is still a very strong and especially cheap source of visits, often with a high conversion rate.


Very popular and effective sources are e.g. Heureka or even inspiring portals such as Glami, Favi, etc. We turn visitors into customers via Google and FB Ads.


A new channel you may not know yet. We will set up affiliate campaigns for you to be effective and not take conversions from other channels. A channel where you only pay for the customer brought.


Who can better promote your brand than your own customers? We will create more original content for you and reach a new audience by identifying influential people who visit your site or buy your products.

Content marketing

Strategic marketing approach aimed at creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain audience.

Conversion rate optimization

All websites, e-shops and applications should primarily serve their visitors. We will propose improvements so that their design is not only visually appealing but also functional, usable and clear.

Social media management

A very important element in the media mix. Creating quality and interesting content, direct communication through social networks, raising awareness, and building relationships.

We are different from those you are used to. We will be happy to convince you of that.

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