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We are different from those you are used to.

Marcel is a co-owner and our CEO.

He has been involved in marketing and communication for 10 years. He focuses on project management, communication-product strategies and is fascinated by new technologies.

In the past, he worked in several advertising agencies such as Visibility and 2create advertising, or as a pioneer of PCC advertising in our region - Ataxo. He later led marketing in the position of Head of Marketing in the Slovak branch of Delivery Hero (DajmeJedlo.sk) and Topankovo.sk. He co-founded a project for online registration with the Austrian Alpine Association OEAV and the largest platform at Car Sharing - Carrivederci, which he later sold.

When he is not working, he devotes himself to mountaineering, ski mountaineering, or his passion - volunteering in the Mountain Service. Maybe because he likes to look at things from above.

Marcel Milo

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